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I grew up attending a music school every Saturday. Grouped by age, we had a timetable that allowed classes in piano, music theory, choir practice, recorder and the steelpan. For that reason the sounds of music practice do not easily annoy or distract me. I developed a high level of tolerance for “music noise” – practice, notes, mistakes, repeats, rehearsals, varying soundsĀ  – all in the name of producing a quality finished sound. That may not be everyone’s experience though. I’m inclined to think that regardless of how much you love music, it can be painful to hear the beginner stages of learning and/or practicing an instrument. Worse yet if its a stringed instrument like a violin that depends on technique to get the right sound.

You may not be as tolerable to the sounds of groaning, wining or loud instruments or repeated mistakes or even just hearing the same song over and over and over again, as your child hones those music skills. If you have a child or teenager who is learning or practicing music on an electronic drums a good pair of either noise isolating or noise cancelling headphones is crucial to your sanity. It’s also important to ensure your child’s hearing in protected during the process. To help with this, I recommend Vic Firth headphones.

Things to consider:

  • Your headphones need to work! Sounds obvious but not really. By work, I mean that they should really isolate the sound well and at the same time, protect your young ones’ eardrums. These headphones are noise isolating. In my opinion noise isolation is often best for music practice (as opposed to noise cancelling). Vic Firth Headphones reduce noise by up to 24 dB. Not only will it drastically reduce external sound for practice, but they were actually designed with all stages of music production in mind. So that whether recording, teaching, producing or simply practicing, they ensure a solid and safe sound for kids and youth.
  • Size: Thankfully, Vic Firth headphones come in both adult and kids’ sizes. My 11 year old uses the adult size comfortably. If it fits, use it so you don’t have to worry about your child outgrowing the headphones later on. They are fairly accommodating as far as adjusting the headband. In fact, both kids and adults in my family have used them comfortably – or maybe we all just have really big heads!?
  • Price: Usually a huge determining factor for this choice, Vic Firth Headphones are undeniably on the pricier side. However, I think it’s totally worth it. I purchased mine in 2016. They still work well and have outlived both Alesis and Roland competitors.
  • Look: Perhaps not a huge deal if you’re practicing at home, but because I write with teenagers in mind, the ‘wow factor’ should always be considered. In this case, sorry to say – it ain’t there. They’re ugly and look cumbersome. They even feel cumbersome but, as I said, they work. And work well.

When I finally decided on the Vic Firth Headphones as the best for my son to use during his drum practice, they were not immediately well received by him. I bought them for him to used with practice on his electronic drum set and I knew they were really on the bulky side so I was a bit nervous about that. I could see how for a young child it takes a bit of getting used to so I kept patient with him during the wining of him breaking them in. Thankfully, after a week of using them, the complaints stopped. There was really nothing but good reports after that. I tested them myself to see how well they worked and I actually fell in love with them. So much in fact, that I often use them when I’m at my computer or even on my phone. The sound is clear and crisp. The outside noise is drowned out really well. Perhaps sometimes too well, so be mindful of the fact that if your attention is needed outside of what you’re listening to or what your child is hearing, there may be a potential problem with hearing the outside world.

For parents who need a break, this might be a good thing!

I’m not totally surprised that Vic Firth headphones for the drum kits work so well as Vic Firth has almost become synonymous with drum sticks and the drumming world. But I think an added bonus is being able to have a great set of headphones that everyone in the family uses on various devices whenever they choose.

Bottom line: Go for it. I’ve read some pretty good reviews from other people about them. You can check one out here. Other than that, you know it’s available for viewing in our gallery. Head on over to make your purchase. A great starting point for new drummers would also be our drum pad with sticks – a quiet, convenient and effective practice method, so you can check those out too. You probably won’t regret it. #stayoffbeat




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