Music inspired room decor for teens.

I was looking at home decor and came across some beautifully designed music-inspired bedrooms for teens. Then the dreaming began. The beauty of this idea is that it can be an entire room or just a simple space or corner within a room – dedicated to their musical gift. For teens who are serious about their craft, it’s an amazing gift that doesn’t necessarily have to be super expensive. You can choose to go the full nine yards, but with a few pieces and clever ideas the outcome can be really cool if you start with a blank canvas and personalize it. Bottom line, any kind of music inspired room decor for teens will be a hit as you show support for what they love!

I did a bit of digging and  came up with a few ideas that any young person or teen might appreciate as gifts for their room decor. You can check out the gift gallery for links to some of these products.


A full sized vintage jukebox is a dream. I think it really helps young people appreciate vintage taste, music and of course is a real blast to the past. If it actually works, brilliant.  A non-working jukebox though, is certainly still a fantastic addition to your music-inspired room decor. Our gallery has a cool refurbished jukebox available on Amazon. As a speaker and charger for iPads, iPods and iPhones, it is supposed to be compatible with many jukebox apps from the App Store. Its authenticity is simply beautiful.


Throw pillows seem to be a staple in room decor – so says all the HGTV home shows I get lost in. Adding softness to any space,music-themed throw pillows are surprisingly very popular. You can find pillows that practically fit in with any style, color or taste. Staying within the realm of vintage decor, there’s a sweet pillow that will complete your look in our gallery. Still, contemporary colors and finishes are also at your fingertips.

Floor mats or Rugs

It can be the focal point of the room and with the right one, may require little else to make a statement in the room or space of choice.

Cool furniture

I’m a huge fan of pinterest. Talk about creative idea overload!!! Be forewarned if you’re not familiar, it may be difficult to choose if you begin searching for inspiration on there. My suggestion: Come up with your vision first, then search for specific pieces. Furniture pieces can range from side tables, coffee tables, desks, beds … if you can think it, I’m pretty sure there’s music inspired room decor to match.

Bedsheets & Curtains

Like an area rug, using comforters or bed sets like the ones I suggest in the gift gallery, would require very little extra work to distinguish the theme. Keep in mind – higher quality threads (like Egyptian cotton) and higher thread counts (300+) = excellent quality & softness. Add that to beautiful sets and the room will be a winner.

Wall Decor

I think this is easily my favorite section. The right wall sticker or wall art is really all you need. You can use color to tie together the rest of the room and TA-DA!!!! Your teen’s space is ready. Firstly, wall decor can be simple wall stickers. Wall stickers can be found everywhere. However, it’s not always easy to find music-themed wall art that might tie in with your vision. For items like this, its far easier to shop online. The gift gallery can lead you to some great picks. Wall Decor can also be unique wall art & decals. For the handy ones out there, you may be able to make your own. For some people it might be worth the effort to look at wall art options online. Wall decor even extends to unique light switches and pictures. A cool idea would be to blow up a picture of your teen and have it split into smaller pieces. This company will do that for an affordable price: There are also lots of resources online that give you ideas on how to achieve the look, if you’re a DIY kind of person.

Room accessories

I’m putting these few items under the umbrella of music inspired room decor accessories. These include clocks, lamps, desk decor and speakers. For my friends who aren’t as computer or search-engine savvy, it’s as simple as including the word “music” before your item of choice e.g. “music lamps” or “music clocks”. Of course if you can think of anything else by all means feel free to add your comments below!

Many teens are now into recording, producing and digital music but creating an actual studio may not always be feasible. There are ways to work around it and still give them a basic space to work from. Naturally, you’d have to have a clear and big enough space that has good acoustics. Your decor here does not need to be much. I’d opt for simple wall art with this one. If you’re able to at least start them off, begin with a desk – similar to the the one in our gift gallery. Or, choose one that works well with your space and suits your teen’s needs. i.e. are they doing music production or audio engineering or are they recording as an artist etc. Music gifts in this category can get pretty pricey for even an initial setup but if your teen is showing a genuine interest in digital music production, and you’re able to, by all means let them go with it. It’s a huge money-making industry that allows teens to express themselves. If you are able to go set up a full studio, let the decor reflect the genre of music, the instrument of their choosing with modern flair.

That pretty much sums up the ideas for music inspired room decor for teens. Very often ‘themed’ bedrooms require change as maturity sets in. A music theme, though, is a solid theme that is easy to update and tends to last as very few people ‘outgrow’ it.

I hope you have fun decorating your space for your teen and can truly make it a space or room that they love. #stayoffbeat





3 thoughts on “Music inspired room decor for teens.”

  1. Hey Pat, your article has taken me back to the days where I pulled out the posters from Queen & Pink Floyd albums whilst going through a whole pack of blue-tack trimming up my bedroom walls meanwhile my sister would cut all the music centrefolds out of the Jackie magazines and decorate the entire wall further to purchasing floor cushion bean bags and red & blue lamp shades to enhance the atmosphere – Ha!
    You can purchase some fab wallpaper comprising some impressive 3D effects nowadays similar to your image up above meanwhile when you are just covering a single wall, costs don’t spiral out of control. Bean bags and floor cushions still represent the in thing kids love to sit on and if you shop around, prices of LED lighting strips are becoming more competitive whereby they can display a whole range of colours to change a room’s atmosphere in an instant.
    We’re going to help our nephew & niece design their escape room, we’re more excited than they are.

  2. Good article! I love music and sports themed rooms for kids! I went with sports for my toddler boys who share a room, but it’s the same application! My room as a teen was All about music! I remember creating homemade wall boards using all of my album covers and cd covers, lol. Still think it’s pretty cool!
    Thanks for sharing!

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