Music gifts for kids

Why choose music gifts for kids?


Ok. So the list here could get pretty long. Truthfully though, whether or not your young human is involved in music, choosing gifts that inspire, enlighten and encourage any young person’s like of music is usually a smart choice. They’re often affordable, likeable and will thrill the young person receiving it, often for the mere fact that it involves music.

As a mother of three I’ve had the opportunity to ask several parents of kids either involved or not involved in music why they would choose music gifts for their kids. In this very informal and unscientific survey, the popular reasons given to me included learning, distraction, likability and the cool factor. I summarized the parents’ responses into a few main categories, as seen below.

LEARNING: For children learning instruments or music theory, a gift that supported their learning of the craft made sense. For some parents, making learning relevant and fun, helped encourage their children’s love of it and made ‘dragging’ them to music classes a little less painful (especially if a connection could be made between the two.) For example, one mother of a pre-teen girl was able to convince her music teacher to use her favorite song –  Alessia Cara’s “Scars to Your Beautiful” – to help her daughter practice her finger exercises. In an effort to motivate, her mom bought Alessia’s album “Know-it-All”. Her daughter practiced every day and was so thrilled to be able to show her teacher what she had learned.

DISTRACTION: For many young people sound attracts, fascinates and distracts in a good way.  The beauty of exposure to music is that this type of sound is an excellent way to influence mood and spark interest in potential talent, in a time-consuming but productive way. Depending on the gift, children can get lost in what it has to offer. From my personal experience as a mother with Caribbean roots, I’ve found that calypso and soca music often brings a level of joy and good feelings to my home. I choose my best selections or downloads and add this to chore time. It lifts my kids’ spirits and makes the chores somewhat more bearable (Stress on somewhat here!)

LIKABILITY: I’m yet to find a young person that isn’t moved by music of some kind. It may take some doing to discover their particular taste but generally, children seem to like gifts that play music. Think of a musical jewelry box or even a music card. The music adds the “wow” to the object and helps them like it even more.

COOL FACTOR: “Cool” is defined by the bearer of the gifts. Cool could be the way music enjoyed, the way it’s played or simply the way it’s portrayed in either fashion or put on display. It helps to be trending with your young person’s style here. If they’re into pop culture, you should be keeping an eye and ear open – if even just to monitor and keep their exposure to your satisfaction. The same goes for whichever music suits their style. That way, you’re on trend with what THEY think will be considered “cool”.

Having these in mind we chose some of our favorite music gifts for kids 8+ . When we say music gifts, we mean gifts that help your child identify with or display their love for music. They do not need to be a musical genius or even have a musical bone in their body. All they need is to be a music lover who is not afraid to show it off. Our list today either helps kids and possibly teens learn music or look cool while showing their offbeat style!

Enough talk. Have a read and click on the pic to purchase your gift right away:

                                                          Top Choices


Definitely a unique way to get kids’ love for music going, these electronic hand piano gloves will make your kids feel talented and get their fingers moving! The bass and treble clef on each hand will help them remember and distinguish between bass/left hand treble/right hand.

What I love: These can easily build finger dexterity that young piano players need to develop. Even non-piano players can get a kick out of the variety of sounds and turn any surface into a piano.

A stationary set is a great start for kid music lovers  heading back to school. Combining design with function is always a win. It’s a great choice for piano players but can extend to anyone who loves the look of the iconic piano keys as a symbol of their love for music.


For any young guitar player out there, these  LED light-up guitar picks reek of “cool”. They will fascinate your child and anyone watching him/her play. I  love that it’s rechargeable, lasts for hours and will motivate your child to practice.


The gold finish on this wireless karaoke machine microphone is pretty awesome and any kid will feel like a star using it! Karaoke is a great way to bond with kids and have everyone involved in music during family time. There are lots of cool features with this mic, but the fact that it’s compatible with Apple and Android Smartphones takes it up a notch.



For many children, choosing a backpack is usually a big deal at the start of school. It reflects their personality and taste. I’ve had quite a few long searches for ‘the right backpack’ with my children. The designer of these packs has  several print options, including quite a few music-themed designs. Again, function meets design with these prints and I can’t deny the quality and attraction here. I also find it helpful that many of the designs are unisex.


Keeping up with some musical fashion, Bluetooth beanies are super useful for young ones on long drives in the winter and have that cool factor that everyone craves. No wires. No lost headphones. It stays in place and distracts in a good way. We love the color and many options that this designer brings to  great music gifts for kids.



So many things in one: Night light, Clock, Calendar,  and Bluetooth Speaker. Music made easy with a simple touch, kids can listen to their faves with ease. I love how this speaker appeals to all ages and it helps that it has awesome reviews.




The ideas are never-ending and if these haven’t inspired you, then hopefully your clicks  will lead you to the perfect choice of offbeat music gifts for your youth. #stayoffbeat

8 thoughts on “Music gifts for kids”

  1. Wow I wish I had some of these things as a kid. I remember growing up, I would use a CD player and I thought that was high tech. Compared to the things now though that’s nothing lol. But can you imagine what they’ll have in another 10 years?? Lol it’ll be crazy what they come up with by then.

  2. I absolutely love the Bluetooth beanies! I have two sons, who would both actually love this hat. Great gift idea for birthdays coming up. Going to head on over to the link and check out availability and price. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. These are some great gift ideas! I may not be very old yet, but I can’t help but sitting here and wishing some of these things had been available when I was a kid!

    Also, I had no idea Bluetooth beanies were a thing…that is so cool! I think I am going to have to get one of those and one of those fancy night light/speaker/clock combos for myself! I have no kids to buy presents for, and honestly those are great for adults too!

    Thanks for the great post!

    1. And thank YOU for your feedback. I totally agree with you on wishing that they were available when we were younger. Part of the beauty of some of these finds is that they really are flexible for any age 🙂

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